Thursday, June 30, 2016

In Which I Pretend To Mock The Bachelorette

I was going to write about how ridiculous and idiotic and silly the show The Bachelorette is

and how I am only watching it because my teen daughter is home from college for the summer and begged me to watch it with her, 

which led to my husband drifting into the room and sitting down to watch, and then, weirdly, led to our grown son, who is also home, briefly, after graduating from school and about to embark upon his adult life on the opposite end of the country, poking his head into the den to see what all of us were doing, and staying to watch too,

and how immediately, we all began mocking the absurdity of the show--the premise, the characters, the vapid dialogue-- 

the bachelorette, Jo Jo, a human Barbie doll, traipsing around in her high heels and sequined ball gowns

(Jo Jo)
earnestly trying to find her future spouse among the parade of glorious men,

in their bizarre pompadour hairdos and pink shirts, 

with their transparent and competitive jockeying for attention and their cattiness and tattle-tale-ing behind the scenes,

nevermind, the man tears and the ripping of T-shirts,


last night, as we settled down in our places together to watch Episode Six, it occurred to me that we were truly enjoying watching this show. 

So, I guess I am not going to mock it after all. 

(Don't be fooled by the attention the teens
seem to be paying their phones... that's a self-protective
form of cringe-watching during the uncomfortable
Rose Ceremony scene)

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