Monday, November 30, 2020

Top ten things I'm thankful for

1. the drumstick-less/one-winged turkey, ordered from the farmer's market and arriving from the processor looking like a frankenstein-gaping-holes-in-the-sides horror show, but which turned out to be surprisingly tasty and gave my friends and family on social media a laugh on Thanksgiving morning. 

2. lights on my neighbors' houses

3. marigold seeds

4. this dumb game that my daughter loves and I don't really like it but I play it with her anyway and now I sort of like playing it after all.

5. digital puzzles on my library's website  because they are addictive and meditative and there are no pieces to turn over or drop off the table.

6. everybody has matching Christmas sloth pajamas

7. s'mores around the fire pit

8. My best friend has a best seller! 

9. My doggie

10. my job at the library where I get to have fun conversations about books with people through a window, six feet apart and through masks, except for this one day when an elderly lady wandered up, maskless, looking confused and asked me if she could ask me a question. 

Of course, I said, staring uncomfortably at her bare face.

Because sometimes I don't always know what's going on, she said, And I want to. I want to pay more attention, I want to know what things are and be more in the present moment, you know what I mean?

(Well, we're in the middle of a global pandemic and you're supposed to be wearing a mask), I didn't say, nodding. What's your question?

What kind of tree is this behind me?

I told her I didn't know and I gave her one of the Identification of Trees in the Park handouts we have and she wandered off, curiously and at the same time cluelessly, and it hit me that this is me, this is all of us, and I just hope she makes it through unscathed, 

that I do,

and that you do, too.  


  1. Thank you for sharing your list. I think you left one thing off the puzzle list: No cat to run off with the piece, or HELP the piece drop off the table prior to absconding with it.

    And YES, thank you for sharing that turkey story on social media. I snort-laughed when you posted that picture after all. It lived up to the verbal description.

    I'm thankful I have writer friends, sharing their journey with me.

    1. Right, cats! Also, I forgot to add that I can hardly SEE the pieces anymore. Glad you got a laugh out of the horror show turkey and very glad to know you, Shari. (PS. I still have the aloe plant you gave me. If I ever do a top ten list of gifts, that gift has a place on it.) xxoo

  2. Aww, glad to hear the baby aloe plant is growing up! And you are quite welcome. If you're looking for other lights, my display is now complete. You can hit my facebook page if you want to see how it turned out, or if you decide you want to do a drive by; or park in my drive and walk around (using caution, so you don't trip over the blowup guy wires!). I could DM you my address.

    1. I've been keeping up with what you're doing on FB. So lovely <3

  3. I just bought Five Total Strangers yesterday-yay!