Saturday, June 3, 2017

That Thing Where You Agree to Go To Prague Without Actually Realizing You've Agreed to Go to Prague

Last month I was out with a group of my writer friends and we were going around the table how we do, sharing stories of our latest writing projects, when one of the writers jokingly, I thought, mentioned that she needed a traveling companion for a trip to Prague, and I jokingly, I thought, said I'd love to be that companion, and then she jokingly, I thought, asked if I snored and I assured her that I did not, and we digressed for a moment about how annoying it is to share a room with someone who snores and we all laughed and moved on to another topic.

Side note: I've been a part of this group for three years, invited after my book came out by one of the women whom I'd met at a book festival. The members are all young adult fiction writers who live in the central Ohio area. We call ourselves OHYA (for Ohio YA authors). We're not a writing critique group (although we've all read each other's works) but more of a support group, meeting up for dinner once a month to pick each other's brains about writing and publishing, commiserating with each other when things are not going so well and celebrating when they are. 

For months now (maybe a year?) Lisa Klein's been giving us updates about her novel Ophelia (a brilliant and gorgeously written re-imagining of Hamlet from his girlfriend's point of view) being made into a film.  I know several writers whose books have been optioned for film and through their experience I've learned that it is a REALLY LONG AND DRAGGED OUT PROCESS and 99% of the time the film never actually gets made. 

I confess that this thought was what was going through my mind when Lisa Klein would share her monthly updates about the Ophelia film. The producer would tell her they'd settled on a script or they were toying around with casting or they were scouting locations and considering filming in Prague or whatever, and it all seemed very precarious and likely to fall apart at any moment...

until, a few weeks ago when Lisa Klein called me and asked if I was serious about being her travelling companion because as it turns out, her novel Ophelia is really and truly being made into a movie, and the producer invited her to come to the set in Prague, and seeing as how I do not snore, she would love for me to join her on this trip. 

Oh, also, she was planning to do some research on another book in Venice.

Flash forward to TWO DAYS FROM NOW and I am boarding a plane to Europe to catch a glimpse of Daisy Ridley dressed up as Ophelia and apparently Clive Owen is in this movie too? and also the guy who plays Malfoy in Harry Potter. 

So yeah. This is happening. 

I will keep you posted on the adventure. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tracy! And thank you for your advice about what to see in Venice :)

  2. Wow! You have definitely crossed the threshold into a world of adventure!

    1. Yes, Kim!! I am off on my Hero(ine's) Journey. Will keep you posted on my adventures in the Special World.

  3. Sounds exciting! Clive Owen is one sexy guy!

  4. What a life! Sounds like a great adventure!

  5. Wow, for three reasons:
    1. Yippee, Praguae, she asked, and you're able to go. Wow! Have a blast.
    2. Professor Klein taught me in my OSU days, I think it was Shakespeare 520ish?
    3. Professor Klein was part of the honors program, my fuzzy memory believes, and she said "yes" to my honors thesis, writing a "Choose your Own Adventure." Some 20 years ago.
    Please congratulate her on this stage of her writing life. Wow!

    1. I will, Shari! How fun that you know Lisa. I bet she was a great teacher. Ophelia is wonderful. Can't wait to see the book on the screen.

  6. Whoa!! So exciting! Have a great time!!