Sunday, April 30, 2017

Things I Did This Weekend Instead of Writing a Blog

Goal this weekend: Write a blog

(side note, I write four blogs a month. It's a goal I set for myself a few years ago and for the most part I do it. It's a weird goal because I mean, who cares? I don't get paid for these blogs. Nothing bad will happen if I don't post one, but still... it bugs me like a little itch when the end of the month sneaks up on me and I haven't yet written my fourth blog.)

Instead of writing a blog, I did this:

*Made a turtle out of clay

with my friend Natalie at this pottery place where we were supposed to play around with clay and make cups or bowls and decorate them in a whimsical way, and I started getting panicky/perfectionist-y, how I always do when it comes to arts and crafts, but I kept playing with the clay, joking that I'd let it speak to me and tell me what it wanted to be, and weirdly this worked. 

It wanted to be a turtle. 

*Caught the tail end of Mindy McGinnis signing her fifth book

at Cover to Cover Book Store and got my book signed and talked to the owner, Sally Oddi, about how she is going to retire and sell her bookstore!!! --something that is killing me because Cover to Cover is an awesome bookstore (one of the oldest, continuously operated, children's bookstores in country-- 37 years!!) If you want to buy it, please call Sally. 

I'm serious. (614) 263-1624

*Went out to dinner with Natalie because we realized it was our three year Friend-a-versary, and if that is not a thing, it should be.

*Read most of the book Dreamland by Sam Quinones

which is a really horrifying examination of the opioid epidemic and how Big Pharma pushing pain meds and misleading doctors about how addictive these drugs are was happening around the same time a group of men in Mexico started selling black tar heroin in small towns across America.  

*Helped my neighbor paint some trim on his house

Because last summer he helped my husband and me paint our back porch, and I was like, No problem, I can totally climb up onto your roof and paint that small stretch of trim. This was scary but I inched up and down the roof on my butt and fell into a zen-like place of painting and thought about the time when I was nineteen and got hired on by my boyfriend's painting crew to paint the trim of all of the McDonald's in the Central Connecticut area. 

*Tore a hole in my shorts from inching up and down the roof on my butt.

*Mulched my flowerbeds

*Helped my husband lay a brick patio

 Oh. And I guess I wrote a blog. 

The end. 


  1. Great way to synergize your weekend and your blog. Your post has reminded me that I have not kept up with my own blogging efforts!

    1. It's weird how attached I am to this blog. I've come to realize it's a form of writing practice, something I just do whether I feel like doing it or not.

  2. Awesome that you helped your neighbor, and how much you accomplished. You rock!

  3. Did you paint the trim on the Farmington/Unionville McDonald's? I used to eat there sometimes circa 1978-1985!

    I really hope someone buys that bookstore.

    1. OMG, Jenn! I might have! I can't believe you were in Farmington-- that's minutes away from where I grew up. Also, yes, about the bookstore. I am crossing my fingers she gets a good buyer.

    2. Where did you live? I'm an alumna of Farmington High!

    3. Get Out!! I grew up in New Britain. I went to Aquinas High School! What a weird small world :)